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Our Solid State Relays (ssr's, scr's) and Power Controllers...

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Industries and Applications-for Solid State Relays, (SSR's)Power Controllers (SCR's) and Current Transducers:

SSR's,Standard Solid State relays-A Series up to 40A      Time Proportion Power Controllers LPC-TP, Heat Sinks         Monoitoring boards Products,Heat Sinks

Solid State Relays (SSR's) and Power Controllers (SCR's) are used in a wide variety of applications throughout industry as per below.

            Plastics Industry-Injection and Blow Molding, Plastics Extrusion, Blown film, Compounding

            Packaging Macinery, Hot Plates and Platens

            Medical Imaging, Electronic Components , ATM's and Photocopiers

            Aerospace Spacecraft and Satellites

            Temperature Control and Maintenance

            Power Generation, Water Purification

            Industrial Process Heaters

            HVAC Industries

Highly sophisticated relays are utilized to protect electric power systems against trouble and power blackouts as well as to regulate and control the generation and distribution of power. In the home, relays are used in refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers, and heating and air-conditioning controls.

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Solid State Relays, Crydom Relays, Solid State Relay Assemblies, Phase Angle & Zero Cross Power Controllers (SCR Switches), Time Proportion High Power Controller Modules and Step Down Transformers

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